Living the Fun and Frugal Life

Well, now that I explained who Ollie is, it’s time to talk a bit more about what this blog will actually be about – living the fun and frugal life.  As I mentioned earlier, this blog will be about a little bit of everything – but nearly everything I do involves a degree of fun and frugality.  With the economic downturn over the past few years there is a lot of interest in ways to save money, but I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember.  In the words of Lady Gaga I was born this way – I’ve always had a knack for finding good deals and I enjoy giving others tips on how to save as well.

Now there are already tons of mommy blogs and couponing sites out there, and I have no desire to just rehash what is already available on all those other sites.  But what I can do is point you in the direction of some of the sites that I think are really great.  My friends tease me about being an “extreme couponer” but in reality I hardly ever use coupons and certainly don’t have a stockpile of goods in my closet.  Most of the ways I save money just involve a little bit of common sense, the willingness to do a bit of research, and just a touch of haggling.  When I watch those couponing shows I’m struck by how much work it seems to involve and while I do get a bit of a thrill every time I get a good deal, I don’t want to spend hours preparing for it.  That cuts into the “fun” part of the fun and frugal life.  To me, the benefits of saving money include an increased financial security (most important) and also the ability to spend the extra on the things and people you enjoy.  Whether those include material goods or experiences is up to you, but learning to enjoy the little things in life goes a long way in the fun and frugal life.

My philosophy is simply why pay more than I have to?  If a pair of shoes is $40 at one store, but if I spend a few minutes searching online and can find them for $30, and earn $1.50 cashback on my credit card purchase, why would I waste that $11.50?  Once you start saving money it makes it difficult to overpay for anything, which results in you saving more money.  It’s like a nice snowball effect.

As I get this blog up and running I’m hoping to be able to add some tips from my own life about things such as buying my house, traveling, paying for education, etc., as well as introduce you to some great resources that I use to save/earn money.  It seems like every week I’m finding some new website that helps me to save money or earn money, and I’m happy to pass on those tips to anyone who is willing to listen.  I hope you enjoy it and can learn something!


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